The Kingdom Lifestyle Series

Revolutionizing the lives and renewing the minds of believers and local churches from North America to Africa, the Kingdom Lifestyle Bible Studies help people grow in their relationships with the King and His kingdom. Each tested, insightful study is designed for group or individual use and equips believers to engage in a vibrant life with Christ and offer healing to a broken world.

Sections of Each Study Session

  • Key words to know
  • Key verses to read
  • Biblical insights
  • Discovery questions
  • Key points to remember
  • Closing thoughts
  • Personal application
  • A practical response

Kim Kargbo, president of Women of Hope International, uses the Kingdom Lifestyle series
to disciple her staff



God’s redemptive plan is the central theme of the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. While this plan begins with individuals, it’s more comprehensive—more wonderful—than this. God’s redemptive interest extends to the transformation of entire nations and cultures, encompassing every sphere of society, from commerce to the arts to government.

Ultimately, will the church of our generation be faithful to Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations according to the fullness of what Jesus intended? For this to occur, we must regain a comprehensive understanding of God’s remarkable plan for the nations.




The concept of the kingdom of God is one of the most confusing and misunderstood ideas in the Bible. Some have launched violent revolutions or advocated elaborate schemes of social engineering in the name of establishing the kingdom of God on earth. Others think of God’s kingdom as heaven or as looking forward to Christ’s return, but they are not clear about the kingdom’s nature or its relevance to their lives on this side of eternity.

Yet the kingdom of God was central to Jesus’ teachings. The phrase “kingdom of God” or “kingdom of heaven” appears 98 times in the New Testament, more than 60 times on the lips of Jesus. This profound study explores the kingdom of God, helping believers build a biblical understanding of the vision for which Jesus lived and died: a vision that transforms individuals, families, churches, and whole nations.




Today, there are more churches and more Christians in the world than at any time in history. But to what end? Poverty and corruption thrive in developing countries that have been evangelized. Moral and spiritual poverty reign in the “Christian” West. Why? Because believers don’t have the “mind of Christ.”

All of us carry around a mental model of the world. This model, or set of assumptions, ultimately determines what kinds of lives we lead. This study explores the biblical worldview—the worldview of the kingdom of God—and why living it out is essential to leading a fruitful, abundant life.




The Bible reveals God as the creator and lord of everything: “The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1). Yet for many people, including many Christians, this comprehensive worldview has become obscured. A line divides personal faith from daily life, work, and recreation, and we are left feeling fragmented, disconnected, and without purpose.

But God is at work today, leading a generation back to an undivided understanding of the kingdom of God and the earth. What lies beyond the sacred-secular divide? It is a fulfilling, integrated life that unites faith and action, the spiritual and the physical, Sundays and the rest of the week. God cares about every part, and we have the incredible opportunity to join him in his all-encompassing, redemptive plan for our world. What are we waiting for?



As Christ-followers, we aim to follow Him in how he ministered on earth to redeem the four relationships lost in the Garden of Eden: man to God, man to man, man to community, and man to nature. Christ’s wholistic approach, described in Isaiah 61 and throughout Scripture, is clearly presented in these studies which provide a fresh, insightful roadmap for those desiring to imitate Christ in doing impactful kingdom work.

David Denmark
Executive Director, The Maclellan Foundation

These highly accessible studies remind Christians that our Gospel is bigger than individual salvation, that our mission is about the transformation of culture as well as the renovation of the heart, and that the great heroes of our heritage were equally passionate for evangelism and social action. This kingdom-oriented message is greatly needed in many churches in order to equip believers for the joyful, missional life Jesus invites us into.

Dr. Amy L. Sherman
Author of Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good

Christianity is personal, but it is never private. If Jesus Christ is who He is portrayed as in Scripture, He is Lord over every aspect of creation and human life. Unfortunately, a deep seated dualism continues to plague Christians and the Church, fragmenting our view of reality and dividing our allegiances between things “sacred” and “secular.” [Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide] destroys this dualism and shows how discipleship involves all of our lives, loves, and relationships. I pray this book gains a wide reading. Its message is desperately needed.

John Stonestreet
Summit Ministries and Breakpoint

In Great Commission ministry, word and work must go together. Losing one or the other distorts beyond recognition the good news Jesus taught and embodied. Perhaps the greater temptation for many Christians today is to emphasize work without word, leading to powerless liberalism. But others among us may think they have successfully communicated the good news while failing to live it out for those who have not only ears to hear but eyes to see (and stomachs to fill). In any case, missionaries, ministry leaders, pastors, and people in the pews need to absorb and act upon the bracing and potentially life-changing message of these books.

Stan Guthrie
Author of All That Jesus Asks and Missions in the Third Millennium
Co-author of The Sacrament of Evangelism

[Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide] challenges modern worldview assumptions that cause believers to live divided lives on the margins of society. He replaces them with a biblical framework for life and ministry that reflects the values of the kingdom. The simple truths explored in this book will change your life, strengthen your witness, and perhaps even transform your world.

Terry Dalrymple
Coordinator, Global CHE Network