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I am writing a book, Made to Flourish, and am asking for your involvement to help me publish and distribute it as widely as possible.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dwight Vogt

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What is this book about?

I share my journey and thought development around the question, “How does our impulse to see life improve fit into God’s eternal plan for us?” No matter what their situation, people want to see life get better. We wake up in the morning and hope today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today. How does this desire of all humanity and all the effort we give it, fit into God’s big plan? How does it fit into the gospel? This may seem obvious to you, but it’s been a journey for me.

“…God’s design…”

Everything functions best when it functions according to its design. This book is about the design God put in place at creation. 

“…for all people…” 

The beauty of God’s design for flourishing is that it really is for all people.  It transcends cultures and socio-economic groups. It’s for the the small farmer eking out a living in Bolivia, the Buddhist monk in Thailand, and the single mom living in Phoenix, Arizona.  God’s design is for the Muslim, the Atheist, and the Christian. 

“…to flourish…”

In Genesis 1 and 2 it is crystal clear that God created this world and humanity to flourish. To flourish is to grow healthy and vigorous, to bloom and be productive, to experience wholeness or Shalom in all aspects of life. Yes, sin entered the world with all of its devastation and death, but God did not change his plan or his desire for creation. We see this truth throughout Scripture, culminating in the last chapters of Revelation.

“…as individuals, communities and nations.”

God’s design is for our individual lives, but it goes beyond this. The same factors equally apply to communities and nations. Find a community or nation that is flourishing in some respect and and you’ll see the common factor is not location or natural wealth but the extent to which God’s design is applied–even unknowingly.

Finally, life is much too difficult and the effects of the Fall far too challenging for knowledge of God’s design, willpower, and human effort to be enough. For individuals, communities and nations to flourish, we must have more. The good news is that God has given us more–His power. This power is central to the Gospel.

Who is the audience?

I come to this topic as a Christian speaking to a Christian audience. But, God’s design is for all, so I hope this book benefits anyone who wants to reflect more on how they and their family, community and even nation can best flourish in life.

Who is backing the process of creating this book?

Scott Allen and the Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) are fully behind this project and have connected me with a professional writer, Stan Guthrie. Stan, previously worked with DNA co-founder Darrow Miller on several of his books. He is also editor at large of Christianity Today and a current writer with John Stonestreet’s Breakpoint blog.

After reviewing the first draft, Stan said, “It is logically laid out, clear, and quite engaging! Dwight has done a good job on it…. The book is very good.”

How can you be involved in this publication? 

Would you help me get this book to print?

We need $4,800 to help cover the cost of getting it published and into the hands of as many people as possible through DNA and publishing channels.

Any amount you can give will be helpful and greatly appreciated.  All contributors will be informed and given a copy when this book is ready for sale.