What is a DNA Affiliate Organization?

Affiliate Organizations are those that desire to associate with the Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) by affirming its mission, core truths and operating principles, and by agreeing to participate in advancing this common mission with others in a collaborative spirit.

For the purpose of these guidelines, “organization” is defined as an organized body of people with a defined mission, leadership, accountability structure, and staff.  The scope of their activity may be local, regional or global.

Why does the DNA include Affiliate Organizations?

The DNA is a collaboration of like-hearted, yet different, organizations committed to the belief that we are stronger as we band together around a common mission and purpose. When different organizations with different strengths and competencies work collaboratively, synergy is created—and the outcome is greater than the sum of the parts.

The DNA was born out of collaboration between two organizations. Its alliance-based approach was adopted as the best means of catalyzing a movement whose mission is larger than any single organization could effectively accomplish on its own.

Why do organizations choose to become DNA Affiliate Organizations?

Affiliate Organizations have their own distinct missions, yet they affirm the mission of the DNA and affiliate as members because they recognize the strategic advantage of collaborating with like-minded and like-hearted organizations for a larger common purpose.

Some of the benefits organizations receive from affiliation with the DNA include:

  • Networking and collaboration with other like-minded organizations for greater kingdom impact
  • Camaraderie and encouragement from others with a similar heart and calling
  • Exposure to new ideas, models and practices
  • Opportunities to participate in collaborative projects and initiatives
  • Greater effectiveness and impact in carrying out their particular mission
  • Discounts on training materials, books and other resources produced or distributed by the DNA Global Secretariat
  • Affiliate Organizations are prominently recognized on (and linked to from) the DNA global website.

What is expected of Affiliate Organizations?

  • A servant’s heart for kingdom collaboration
  • A desire to participate in collaborative action, projects or initiatives
  • Sharing stories, models, resources and best practices
  • Prioritizing attendance at the DNA Global Forum as well as regional- or local-network gatherings
  • Contributing stories of impact for publishing on the DNA Global News blog
  • An interest in incorporating DNA training and resources into programs or staff training

What are the basic requirements for becoming an Affiliate Organization?

  1. Contribute to advancing the common mission of the DNA through their ministries
  2. Be active in ministry, with a positive reputation both within the larger body of Christ and with those it serves
  3. Affirm the mission statement of the Disciple Nations Alliance
  4. Be committed to the DNA’s seven core truths in their entirety
  5. Be committed to functioning in accord with the DNA operating principles
  6. Prioritize your attendance at the DNA Global Forum as well as gatherings organized by local or regional networks (attendance is not required but should be made a priority)

What is the procedure for becoming an Affiliate Organization?

Organizations that want to affiliate with the DNA should e-mail the DNA Global Secretariat office and express their interest in writing. The e-mail should describe the organization, its mission, its scope of activity and its basic programs. It must also affirm each of the six basic requirements above. This e-mail must be signed by the executive director of the organization.

This e-mail will be reviewed for approval by DNA Global Secretariat. Once notification of approval is granted, the process is complete, and the organization will appear as an Affiliate Organization on the global DNA website.

Is being an Affiliate Organization an open-ended commitment?

We realize organizations change over time. There may be a turnover of leadership or a re-focusing of the mission, and this may change the way the organization views its relationship with the DNA. For this reason, Affiliate Organizations renew their commitments every two years.

Can the local, national or regional (field) offices of international organizations become Affiliate Organizations?

While the initiative to become an Affiliate Organization can come from someone serving in a local, national or regional office, the DNA will only recognize the organization as a whole as an affiliate based on approval of the international president, executive director, or CEO.

Can local churches become Affiliate Organizations?

Yes, local churches can be affiliate organizations!