Host a Gathering with Darrow


Hello, I’m Darrow Miller.

These last few years, I’ve sought to spend time with what I call “Gatherings.” A Gathering is a group of 15-20 young people in their twenties and early thirties who have realized the importance of worldview in their lives and culture, and they want to go deeper in these ideas.

The last few years I’ve had the privilege of being part of gatherings in Morocco, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, and the United States. We spend a week together in a comfortable informal setting talking through the issues of Biblical worldview and their implication for our lives today. Here is a blog I wrote that explains the significance of these gatherings titled Intellectual Hospitality: Growth Spaces Instead Of Safe Spaces.

If you know other young people with who are reading our books, watching our videos, and you want to spend more time with me, I’d love to hear from you and see if we can set up a time to “gather” for a week.

For more details check out the video above and the information below.  I look forward to hearing from you.                      — Darrow

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Criteria for hosting or attending a Gathering


  • Convinced the DNA messages are significant and desires to learn more
  • Able to recruit and bring together a ‘Gathering’ group


  • 15-20 persons
  • Between 18-30 years of age
  • Ideally occupationally diverse (young pastors and professionals)
  • Women and/or men
  • Convinced the DNA worldview messages are significant and desire to go deeper
  • Aspiring leaders in the community and nation
  • English-speaking (unless the gathering will have translators)
  • Willing to invest in preparation and in the time to be together

Pre-gathering criteria:

The “Ambience” of a Gathering

Here is the setting you will want to create or approximate for your Gathering:

  • Prayerful
  • Intimate setting – We want to create a comfortable and intimate setting. The following are illustrative and may be approximated in whatever the cultural context.
    • Away from busyness of life, “away from media, stores, businesses,” etc…
    • A home or place conducive to a small group retreat. It could be in a quiet place, in “nature” – in the mountains or at the ocean or on a lake – where people would be free to walk or hike.
    • House that has warmth and charm where people feel comfortable and at home
    • Quiet, music – could be indigenous or classical
    • A “fire place” or equivalent where appropriate
  • Family atmosphere
    • The way meals are shared, all sitting around a table, using nice plates/silverware etc… and flowers!
    • Serving one another
    • Participating in preparation, cleaning, etc…
  • Meals
    • Healthy, tasty food, “home cooked”
    • Beautiful table and presentation of food
    • Variety of foods
    • No-hurry meals — time to talk
  • Schedule
    • Comfortable yet productive schedule
    • Built-in rest/walking time
    • “Relax/sight-seeing day”
    • Time for informal discussion
  • Purposeful
    • People come to learn, grow and return more empowered
    • Come with issues to raise and questions to ask
  • Community Atmosphere 
    • All come as equals in “community”
    • No  “us/them” mindset of hosts/attendees
    • Get to know one another ahead of time. Share bios, pictures and expectations with one another

Steps for Hosting a Gathering

  • Review all of the information and criteria
  • PRAY
  • Discuss the idea with persons you would like to include
  • Send us a request using this form and tell us the following:
    •  your reason for wanting to host a Gathering
    • possible dates  (check out the Gathering schedule to see what might be available)
    • possible venue
    • who would attend
    • what you would want to talk about
  • Wait for “okay” from Darrow and his team. When you have this:
  • Confirm venue and dates (should also show confirmed here: Gathering Calendar)
  • Send out invitations to persons who are
    able to complete the pre-gathering criteria
  • Confirm who will attend
  • Receive attendees’ bio’s and pictures to share with each other (if they’ve not yet met one another)
  • Develop a draft schedule of the week
  • Communicate with attendees the details of the Gathering: location, when to arrive/depart, what to bring, etc.)
  • Communicate finalized schedule
  • Gather!
  • During the Gathering:  Build relationships, take notes, get feedback, take pulse of group, pray for one another
  • Follow up with attendees after the Gathering to encourage them

What Others Say About Gatherings

Here is an informative article by Eliceli Bonan who participated in a Gathering in Brazil: YOUNG BRAZILIANS GATHER TO LEARN WITH DARROW MILLER IN L’ABRI STYLE — Vocation and worldview topics marked the meeting in Brasilia and initiated a DNA youth movement in Brazil.

“I can tell you there is life before and life after listening to this message about worldview. But what really thrilled me this week was meeting this group. You know, it’s one thing to have this vision and it is another thing to be able to share it. Unfortunately, I still don’t have people who have that same vision at my church or closer in my city. It was an answer from God that we all came together. This is what will remain for me, i.e., to be able to count on these new friends I’ve made and to invite more people … and then ‘infect’ them”
Paulinho, 17 years-old, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“One thing that impacts me a lot is when young people gather with the same vision. We are people from different parts of Brazil, but we all want to demonstrate the Kingdom in different areas. These are young people in love with Jesus and who are making a difference in the world. This is a breath of God for me because last year I was with young Christians from other countries, in the United States, and I was thinking how they have a nice network there, how they can be in contact, there are so many organizations where they can get help, so many resources, so many books in their own language… and in Brazil I was feeling a little lonely. Then I come here and find this group, people who are willing to change and see hope, who understand my story, speak my language and understand my culture. It’s a very refreshing moment for me”
Aléxia Duarte, 22 years-old, Belo Horizonte

“What impacted me the most is the group that is here. They are people from different places, with different callings, with different professions, but they have a common vision and they can talk at the same level. And for me it has been very rewarding. A few times I caught myself just standing and looking, and seeing how each one has much to add, you know. I’m hopeful with what we are going to do after this, with what’s going to happen. Another thing that impacted me was learning about the secularist thought, because I read the book and understood it, but when Darrow spoke, I could see things differently. I realized that there are still so many things in me that I didn’t know, that keep feeding a secularist system. It was shocking to me, because it made me start to rethink everything I do”   – Andressa Suzuki, 21 years-old, Belém, Brazil

At first, I couldn’t find a direct relationship between the transformation of Brazil and my mission as a Christian. It was shortly before opting for the law school that I found out that all professions are holy and can be used for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. This understanding brought me hope that I might be able to contribute to the growth and transformation of Brazil as a lawyer who battles for the causes of the Kingdom. This week was a milestone for me…
Flávia Rayssa Said, 26 years-old, Belo Horizonte, MG.