From the last DNA Global Forum, March 2015 in England

You are invited to attend the Disciple Nations Alliance

Global Forum

Join us in celebrating 20 years of God’s faithful work through the Disciple Nations Alliance

Inspiring and equipping churches worldwide to embrace a biblical worldview
and to live it out in ways that bless, heal and transform broken nations

March 6-10, 2017 in Prescott, Arizona, USA

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What is the Global Forum?

Every two years, DNA affiliate organizations, local network leaders, trainers and practitioners from around the world gather to worship God, fellowship, network, share stories, and participate in shaping the DNA global movement for the future.

Join us for this family gathering hosted by the DNA global secretariat office. Be encouraged by all that God is doing to disciple the nations in the 21st century!

As members of the Disciple Nations Alliance Global Leadership Team, we look forward to seeing you next spring in Arizona!

DNA Global Leadership Team

Why you should come to the Forum:

Please join us!

  • To celebrate the work of God through the worldwide family called the Disciple Nations Alliance over 20 years.
  • To make new connections within the global DNA family, and to be exposed to cutting-edge models of church-based wholistic transformation.
  • To pray and discuss God’s plan for the Disciple Nations Alliance in the years ahead.

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Celebrating 20 years

In 1997, Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt presented their core teachings at the first Vision Conference in Lima, Peru. The goal of the training was envision and equip local churches to fulfill their God-ordained role as agents of comprehensive restoration.

Centuries of faithful missionary work had resulted in an incredible harvest, with unprecedented church growth in Latin America, Africa and Asia—even in the midst of poverty and brokenness. Yet despite this growth, the church was having little impact on transforming its surrounding culture. Why was this so?

This was a burning question for many Christian leaders. The DNA provided not only an answer, but a practical teaching on what to do about it. Yes, God can use the church to transform the culture! In fact, that is His strategy. He’s done it in the past, and He will do it again. There is hope!

Tim Andrews, World Vision’s Tanzania director, after attending his first Vision Conference in 2012 reflected the experience of many when he said: “It felt like an answer to a prayer.” This teaching “would break the yoke of poverty that results from a disempowered and dependency-oriented worldview.”

To progress, the church must deal with a theological barrier preventing it from being salt and light in the surrounding community. Far too many churches had absorbed an unbiblical sacred-secular dualism. They rightly viewed their purpose as saving souls and growing churches, but left unaddressed were such real-world problems such as poverty, corruption, and conflict. These were viewed as “worldly” problems, best left to secular actors like the government and international aid organizations.

The DNA challenged the church to reject this false sacred-secular dualism, and replace it with a comprehensive biblical worldview. This worldview must then be incarnated—lived out—through a lifestyle of loving, sacrificial service.

That first Vision Conference in Peru grew into a movement of people, churches and organizations worldwide. Between 1997 and 2001, the Vision Conference spread beyond Latin America to Africa, and then to Asia. In the process, more than 30 first-generation leaders and trainers linked arms with Darrow and Bob to help spread the training. Today, hundreds of second-, third-, and fourth-generation leaders and trainers are spreading the training over the globe. The DNA messages of local church-based worldview transformation have rippled and ricocheted such that today we have no idea of how many people have been impacted.

Likewise, many organizations adopted and spread the training. Food for the Hungry and Harvest were the first among many. Indeed, the DNA is part of a much larger God-ordained movement—a movement aimed at helping Christ’s Body recover her true identity, mission, and purpose: to disciple nations.

Your Stay in Arizona

Pinerock Camp and Retreat Center, operated by the Arizona/Southern Nevada District Church of the Nazarene, is in the beautiful, cool pines of Prescott, Arizona–elevation 5,300 feet. It is a quiet place perfect for conversation, prayer and reflection.

The average high temperature in Prescott this time of year is 57°F (14°C); average low is 28°F (-2°C).

Sleeping accommodations are modest and comfortable, with pillows, sheets and towels included.

Shown here is the Basic Lodging option; delegates may choose to pay more for a Deluxe Lodging space with more privacy. Special requests are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Transportation and Visas

All delegates should fly in to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX). Transportation between PHX and the venue will be provided free of charge if you arrive and depart within the time frames detailed here.


The Forum program will begin with dinner on Monday, March 6. Delegates should plan to arrive at PHX before 4 p.m. on Monday to catch the free shuttle to the venue.


The Forum program will end the evening of Thursday, March 9, but please plan to stay until Friday as breakfast that day will be served. On Friday, free shuttles from the venue to PHX will run about every 1-2 hours between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m.

If you cannot avail yourself of the free shuttles according to the schedules above, you may contact Arizona Shuttle to make your own arrangements (you will need to pay Arizona Shuttle directly for this service).

Arriving early or departing late

Included in the registration fee are lodging on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, as well as all meals between dinner on Monday and breakfast on Friday. If you choose to arrive early or depart late, you will need to make your own travel, food and lodging arrangements. Contact us with any concerns about this. NOTE: You will not be able to stay at the conference center on March 10 or after because they have no available rooms.


Should you require a visa to enter the US, please follow this process:

  1. Submit your Registration Form below. We will review your information and notify you whether your registration is approved.
  2. Upon approval, submit your payment of the registration fee.* Upon receipt of payment, we will send you instructions on how to request your visa letter.
  3. Send us the information we need to create a visa letter, and we will send you the letter within 5 business days.

*If you pay your fee and then your visa is denied, send us documentation of the visa denial, and we will refund your full fee. You must send us this documentation by Fri., Feb. 10 in order to get a full refund.


Contact us.

Important Deadlines

  • Last day to register for the Global Forum: Mon., 13 Feb.
  • Last day to submit flight information for the free shuttle: Wed., 15 Feb.
  • Last day to send payment to confirm your reservation: Wed., 22 Feb.