Free, just and thriving nations are like fruitful trees. To flourish, they require the right conditions and the right soil.

What are the conditions that give rise to such a nation? What are the foundational principles upon which such nations are built?

This is what we must understand, for on it depends the future of our nations, our families and our very lives.

This series of 10 Arabic-language videos offers ideas in response to these questions.

Click here for the videos with Arabic subtitles, and click here for the videos with no subtitles.


The 10 videos below are central to this teaching on biblical nation building. Watch them with a small group, share them on social media, and use them however you wish.

To go deeper or to teach this material in a workshop setting, consider using these additional resources and the PowerPoints slides accompanying each video:

Trainer’s Manual

Participant Handouts

Video Scripts

Optional lessons for those new to DNA

Prerequisite PowerPoint #1:
Worldview and the Role of the Church in Society

Download PPT

Prerequisite PowerPoint #2:
The Essential Role of the Local Church in Building Free and Prosperous Nations

Download PPT

Videos with English Subtitles

Video 1:
An Opportunity for Nation Building

Download PPT #1

Video 2:
The Rule of Law Is King

Download PPT #2

Video 3:
Human Dignity

Download PPT #3

Video 4:
God-Given Rights

Download PPT #4

Video 5:
God-Granted Ownership

Download PPT #5

Video 6:
For and by the People

Download PPT #6

Video 7:
Restraining Selfishness

Download PPT #7

Video 8:
The Family Is Core

Download PPT #8

Video 9:
Work Ethic

Download PPT #9

Video 10:
Governing Oneself

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