Thank you for helping make Coram Deo available to Muslim-background believers

UPDATE: We have reached our $10,000 goal! Thank you!

We estimate that 500 Muslim-background believers will be discipled through Coram Deo in the first 18 months following the launch.

Thank you for helping make this possible. 

Did you Know?

  • Bengali is spoken by nearly 200 million people, many of whom do not yet know about God’s will for their lives. Standard Bengali is spoken in two distinct dialects, one spoken by Hindus and Christians and the other by Muslims.
  • DNA affiliate, Bengal Creative Media, is translating Coram Deo into both Bengali dialects, in order to reach the growing number of  Muslim-background believers.
  • Since launching in 2014, Coram Deo has spread to 97 countries and has been translated into 4 different languages.