Freedom to nurture: A mother embraces her God-given gifts

God often uses DNA teachings–whether written or verbal–to expose lies prevalent in every culture and to replace them with his freeing truth. Naomi Smith from Kansas, USA recently found freedom in the biblical truth that, while males and females are equally … Continued

Fighting Ebola: Four DNA partners on the front line

Very rarely do we ask for donations, but it only seems appropriate considering the crises facing our world today. Please take a moment to read below about four reputable DNA affiliate organizationscourageously fighting Ebola: a virus that is plunging whole … Continued

From Panama: A testimony of God’s goodness

One of the DNA’s seven operating principles is that we are a school of thought, not an institution. Rather than building new offices around the world and hiring a bunch of staff, we freely spread the DNA’s teaching–based on Scripture–with … Continued