One Crop Yielded 100 Times What Was Sown

Some 17 years ago Peuvthida Pok (Thida, for short) coordinated a DNA Vision Conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Today, Thida is still carrying the message. Thida directs the Wholistic Development Organization (WDO) an entity birthed some years after the original … Continued

Audio report from World Magazine on DNA’s partners in Africa

In 2012, DNA trainer Chris Ampadu and his Samaritan Strategy Africa (SSA) team in Ghana became the first-ever non-American organization nominated for World Magazine’s Hope Award for Effective Compassion, considered among only four other finalists. While Chris and Samaritan Strategy … Continued

New DNA affiliate in India: HIMserve

We are thankful and excited to welcome as a DNA affiliate organization HIMserve, a 12-year-old Christian organization in India mobilizing local churches for effective, transformational ministry. HIMserve’s vision and mission are aligned closely with those of the DNA, placing emphasis … Continued

From Panama: A testimony of God’s goodness

One of the DNA’s seven operating principles is that we are a school of thought, not an institution. Rather than building new offices around the world and hiring a bunch of staff, we freely spread the DNA’s teaching–based on Scripture–with … Continued