God’s NGO at work in Nepal

At the DNA, we often say that the church is God’s NGO: his chosen agency for restoring, healing and blessing broken nations. Rarely has that been seen more acutely than in these weeks following the earthquakes in Nepal. Many DNA-trained … Continued

“Emancipating the World” featured again in World Magazine

 Last October, our friend Marvin Olasky, editor at WORLD, published chapter 3 of Darrow’s book, Emancipating the World: A Christian Response to Fundamentalist Atheism and Radical Islam. Now Marvin has returned to the book, publishing chapter 7 with his post, Opening the door … Continued

DNA partners in Africa highlighted again in World Magazine

The editor-in-chief of World Magazine, Marvin Olasky, always is on the lookout for examples of Christians bringing restoration, healing and blessings to their broken communities using local resources and steadfast faith in God. He again has chosen to feature DNA … Continued