God’s faithfulness in Tanzania

Recently, Paul Kibona sent an update about what God has been doing in Tanzania through Disciple Nations Alliance training resources. Paul is a member of the DNA’s Global Leadership Team and the representative for CMS-Africa in Tanzania. He is also a Samaritan … Continued

God’s Word sparks a new vision for ministry in Kenya

Martha Ritchie, a missionary with World Gospel Mission, has lived in Kenya about two years. After completing the 12-week Coram Deo Basics course with three Kenyan friends in just three weeks’ time, she hosted a Samaritan Strategy Vision Conference and … Continued

A Doctor in the House!

Praise be to God for new academic achievement in the DNA circles. DNA seeds were first planted on the African continent about 20 years ago. That humble beginning bore wonderful fruit earlier this month when Chris Ampadu earned a PhD in … Continued

DNA training breaks into Madagascar through Mercy Ships

The Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) training in biblical worldview and wholistic community development has penetrated cultures in more than 60 countries. Now, a new (and, some would say, exotic) locale has been added to that list: Madagascar.    Chris Ampadu, … Continued

New 5-year program is up and running in Uganda

The DNA Local Network in Africa, called Transforming Nations Alliance, has launched a dynamic Church-Based Community Transformation project in Uganda, and preliminary reports show that transformation is on its way. Last week, leaders from about 20 local Ugandan churches came … Continued

A Family Story

DNA is a family of associate ministries, and one of those family members is Harvest. Harvest staff member, Chris Ampadu, also serves as DNA coordinator for West Africa. In recent months, God has opened many doors for him to share the biblical … Continued