Bring Coram Deo to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known for endemic poverty, but it is the poverty of the heart and mind that cause the existing social and moral decay. Alarmingly, the Church in Bangladesh is afflicted with this same mindset.

The Coram Deo online video training addresses this need head-on! It brings a greater understanding of God’s purpose for bringing light and hope to the community through the Church.

Faced with the sense of urgency, the Christian College of Theology (CCTB) and Bengal Creative Media (BCM) have joined hands with the Disciple Nations Alliance to bring Coram Deo to the Bangla language.

We need your help!

We are working on this project right now, and we need your help to get it completed. Reaching:

  • 8,000 Diplomat Students
  • 700 Education Extension Students
  • Over 25 national church denominations, missions and Christian organizations.


Your gift of $50 will help translate and audio-dub five minutes of Coram Deo  training.

“Christians in Bangladesh are a flickering candle comprising less than 1% of the total population and yet all it takes to illumine a room is a flickering candle.” -Jeffrey Boss, Dean of Research, CCTB


Your gift of $50 will help translate and audio-dub
five minutes
of Coram Deo  training.

“The Coram Deo material is very practical. When you start taking the course, you see that each worldview is controlling your life and determines how you are going to treat other human beings. One of the lies in my country is that women are inferior to men. Shame is the ornament of the girl.” -Shusmita Shyama, Researcher, BCM


“I see this course (Coram Deo) as very practical and readily applicable. The majority of our students will be taking this course in their home areas, not in the seminary, so they will be able to apply this knowledge immediately. This is why I am so excited.” -Wailes Rangsa, Director of Academics, CCTB