13 Transforming Truths

The 13 Transforming Truths

This paper written by Darrow Miller was originally titled “The Development Ethic” and first published in 1887/88 under the title “The Development Ethic” because Darrow saw that “There was a larger ethic, a larger mental framework involved in the development of people, communities and nations.

From Abraham Kuyper’s threefold framework (the nature of God, the nature of man, and the nature of creation) Darrow wrote 13 very basic propositions and in 2013 republished and retitled this bible study as the 13 Transforming Truths.

While based on sound biblical theology, they are better described as worldview statements:

God – The Metaphysical Factor (related to the non-material universe)

1. God is Personal (The Universe is Ultimately Personal)

2. God is Moral (The Universe is Ultimately Moral)

3. God is Rational (The Universe is Intelligible)

4. God is Beautiful (The Universe is Beautiful

Man – The Human Factor (related to mankind)

5. Human Life is Sacred

6. Man is a Rebel

7. All People and Nations Have Equal Worth

8. All People and Nations Are Unique

Creation – The Creation Factor (related to “nature”)

9. Work Is Sacred

10. Creation is an Open System

11. Man is to have Dominion over Nature

12. Wealth is to be Created and Stewarded

13. History is Going Somewhere