Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Disciple Nations Alliance?

The DNA is a worldwide alliance of Christian individuals, local churches and organizations committed to a common vision for church-based cultural transformation. We are united by a shared commitment to our mission, seven foundational truths and seven operating principles.

Why does DNA exist? What is its purpose or mission?

DNA exists to help the Church rise to her full potential as God’s principle agent in the restoration, healing, and blessing of broken nations.

Our vision is to see local churches:

  • Practicing sacrificial neighbor-love, meeting physical, spiritual and social needs in their communities with local resources
  • Functioning intentionally from a Biblical worldview, bringing the truth of God’s Word to bear in all areas of public life
  • Growing and multiplying as a result of their powerful influence in the community

Our vision is to see communities and nations where:

  • Christ is increasingly acknowledged as Lord over all
  • Biblical reform is occurring in various areas of community life and culture
  • There is increased economic sufficiency, social peace, and greater justice for the weakest and most marginalized 

How do you accomplish your mission?

We accomplish our mission by equipping God’s people to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their families, in their communities, and through their vocations. For more, please see Our Strategy.

Where does DNA work?

DNA has active local networks throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. For a complete list of local networks and affiliated organizations, please see Our Community.

What is unique about DNA’s training and resources?

  • All of our training and resources expand on seven foundational truths which must be embraced as a whole for effective church-based cultural transformation to occur.
  • While our training and resources deal with profound, foundational questions related to God and His mission, the purpose of life, and the role of the church, they also are practical and readily applicable. There is great emphasis placed on everyday obedience, and practical application tools and exercises often are built into the teaching.
  • Our training and resources are held loosely in order to facilitate widespread distribution and adaptation (see our Operating Principles). They are translated into many different languages and are contextualized to address issues in various cultural contexts. This training and contextualization is demand driven, based on the needs and desires of local trainers and practitioners. 

How is DNA different from a traditional organization?

Since we began in 1997, DNA has sought to be a catalyst for a movement.

While traditional organizations have a headquarters and paid staff who implement programs, DNA is an all-volunteer network.

Those who engage with the movement are committed to the mission of DNA, the seven foundational truths, and the seven operational principles. They connect as trainers, practitioners, or both. They may work in local churches or ministry organizations, or they may focus on advancing God’s kingdom through their particular vocations (business, arts, education, etc.).

As these volunteer “champions” grow in a particular geographic area, they are encouraged to form local networks and take ownership over the spread and implementation of the teaching in their particular nation or region.

In addition to individuals, DNA has affiliate organizations that have formally associated with the alliance and are helping spread the training and practice through their programs and networks.

A small International Secretariat office exists in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as a volunteer Global Advisory Team. Both are bottom-up service and support entities for the worldwide alliance.

How do I become a partner or a member of DNA?

There are many ways you can engage with DNA. Here are some ideas to get you started.

How does my church get involved?

How does my organization get involved?

Will DNA help to fund my local ministry or church?

As a volunteer-based network, DNA does not provide funds for local churches or church-based ministries. Our engagement is through training and relational support.

Other questions?

Please contact us.

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