About Us

We exist to serve the Church, helping her rise to her full potential
as God’s principal agent in restoring, healing, and blessing broken nations.



Jesus is King, and His primary
agenda is to advance the
Kingdom of God by discipling
all nations. The key agent in
this task is the local church,
ministering wholistically
and incarnationally,
and operating intentionally
from a biblical worldview.

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“They said they wanted to believe in God because they had been seeking love but had never found any until they saw the love in the church.”

– DNA partner in Southeast Asia

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“Local churches represent the single most
important community-based
institution for social and cultural
transformation in any nation.”

— Bob Moffitt
Co-founder of the DNA

“We passionately believe that all truth is
God’s Truth, and that Truth has the power
to transform people, nations, and the systems
and institutions that people create.”

— Darrow Miller
Co-founder of the DNA

The DNA is a Global Partner of the World Evangelical Alliance.