Launch a Movement


Since 1997, movements of church-based transformation have been catalyzed in more than 60 nations through the Disciple Nations Alliance Vision Conference.

These events provide a unique opportunity to unite the local body of Christ around a powerful, Biblical vision for church-based social transformation and to receive practical training and tools to put it into practice immediately.

The Vision Conference Helps the Church:

  • Understand God’s “big agenda” of comprehensive restoration described in Scripture as the advancing kingdom of God.
  • Grasp the unique and indispensable role the local church plays in carrying out God’s big agenda of comprehensive restoration.
  • Appreciate the power of Biblical truth for social and cultural transformation–and be challenged to embrace a Biblical worldview, integrating it into every area of your life and every sphere of society.
  • Learn how to practically demonstrate Christ’s love in your community through local-church initiated “Seed Projects.”

Vision Conference materials, including session PowerPoints and participant handouts, are freely available at the Vision Conference Sessions and Downloads page.


tim-andrews“It felt like an answer to prayer. It was an overwhelming sense that he [Rev. Dennis Tongoi, DNA speaker/trainer] had a message that would break the yoke of poverty that results from a disempowered and dependency-oriented worldview. This training has become an essential, foundational piece in the critical path for empowering communities with economic development, natural-resource management and child well-being outcomes.”

Tim Andrews
National Director of World Vision Tanzania

world-visionWorld Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

brian-fikkert“I found the DNA Vision Conference to be one of the most exciting conferences I have ever attended, and the potential impact of this training is enormous, The demonstrated impact of the Vision Conferences is huge. Attendees from past Vision Conferences explained what had happened to their churches as a result of the DNA training, and it was truly inspiring. Churches had taken on numerous holistic ministry projects that had given their church very visible kingdom witness in their communities, and that resulted in some phenomenal increases in attendance. Overall, the entire experience was truly inspiring, and I felt personally challenged to re-examine my own worldview and Christian walk.”

Dr. Brian Fikkert
Co-author of When Helping Hurts
and director of the Chalmers Center for Economic Development

dennis-tongoi“I was completely changed by the Vision Conference. I’m giving the rest of my life to see these messages go throughout Africa.”

Rev. Dennis Tongoi
Director, Church Mission Society Africa

Host a Vision Conference

Step 1

Determine if there is a critical mass of interest in your area for hosting a Vision Conference.

Step 2

Form a hosting committee. This committee—usually three to five people—might include respected leaders from local churches, seminaries, Bible schools, denominations, or other ministry leaders. Vision Conferences provide a wonderful opportunity for the local body of Christ to work together, so the greater the diversity of churches and organizations represented on the coordinating committee, the better!

Step 3

Request a speaker for your event.

Step 4

Work with the DNA Conference Coordinator to determine the dates of the conference and the trainers who will facilitate.

Step 5

Get planning! Secure a venue, advertise and promote, arrange for necessary food/lodging if necessary, etc.

The hosting committee is responsible for all expenses associated with hosting the Vision Conference. These include:

  • Transportation and room/board costs for trainers
  • The printing of conference materials and participant handouts. In some situations, conference materials will need to be translated. If so, the hosting committee will be responsible for translating the materials, including the costs. Vision Conference materials, including session PowerPoints and participant handouts, are freely available at the Vision Conference Sessions and Downloads page.
  • Costs for securing a venue for the seminar
  • Costs for promotion and advertising

Typically, these expenses are recovered through attendance fees paid by participants.

A Word on Trainers

The DNA will provide one or two experienced trainers for approved Vision Conferences. DNA trainers reside in North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia and speak a variety of languages. Where possible, we will send trainers who speak the local language or are familiar with the local culture and customs.

Questions? Contact us.