Recap of Darrow’s visit to South America

In October 2016, DNA co-founder Darrow Miller visited four South American countries, teaching God’s Word, reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, and seeing some of the many ways God is building his Church through artists, pastors, activists, teachers, non-profit leaders … Continued

New book! Could Evangelism Lead to Sin?

In his newest book, Could Evangelism Lead to Sin? The Consequence of Neglecting Jesus’ Command to Disciple, DNA co-founder Bob Moffitt expresses his growing concern that evangelical churches weaken the very Kingdom they champion by giving priority to conversion rather than … Continued

Vision 2020: The DNA’s Five-Year Growth Plan

DOWNLOAD FULL VISION 2020 PLAN Earlier this year, after much prayer and discussion, the leadership of the Disciple Nations Alliance developed the following five-year vision and strategic plan. We believe God is calling us to a more robust execution of … Continued